Statement of Principles

Statement of Principles

Mayors’ Council on Pipeline Safety (MCPS) Statement of Principles

Whereas: two million miles of small, lower pressure gas distribution pipelines deliver gas throughout cities to homes and businesses;

Whereas: local gas utilities operating these distribution pipelines maintain records which contain information such as location, material, year installed, and operating pressure for distribution pipelines;

Whereas: local gas utilities operating distribution pipelines typically do not provide cities with these records, nor mapping details of these distribution lines;

Whereas: many legacy pipelines such as cast iron pipelines, installed as far back as the 1830’s, are at the end of their service life;

Whereas: pipelines are operated under a variety of Federal and State regulations intended to ensure public safety, and regulatory oversight of gas distribution and gas transmission pipelines is unnecessarily confusing and often lax;

Now, therefore, we resolve to work together with Mayor Pawlowski and Mayor Ruane and the Mayors’ Council on Pipeline Safety to make our cities safer from pipeline hazards by:

  1. Developing the national Mayors’ Council on Pipeline Safety (MCPS)
  2. Creating a system of open communications between cities
  3. Collaborating to define and develop pipeline safety protocols specific to our cities
  4. Networking and providing education to improve safety through:
    1.  community awareness
    2.  damage prevention
    3.  emergency response preparedness
    4.  engineering
    5.  land use planning
    6.  state of the art leak detection
  1. Crafting policy and position papers

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